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In addition to our plate, marker and tag products, Keyes-Davis manufactures a range of other products, including a wide variety of stampings and wire formed items.

Specialties include signs, panels and a variety of laundry identification and dry cleaning items, as well as swimming pool accessories.

Our facilities comprise 28,000 square feet, and include a complete tool room and 30 presses to 125 tons. Our capabilities include:

  • Embossing
  • Stamping
  • Blanking
  • Piercing
  • Numbering & Lettering
  • Silk Screening
  • Welding & Brazing
  • Finishing
  • Assembling

Wrist Bands

Wrist BandsWrist bands are a particular specialty for us at Keyes-Davis. Wrist bands and tags are commonly utilized in pools, beaches, checkrooms, playgrounds, country clubs, gymnasiums, and many other kinds of recreational locations and institutions.

Using high quality elastic in a variety of colors for the bands, and incorporating brass hardware, our wrist bands, bathers' tags and pool ID tags provide a comfortable and aesthetically attractive way of enabling visible identification and authorization information to be worn by the users of a given facility.

Wrist band colors include:  orange, green, white, black, red, green & white, black & white, blue & white, red & white, orange & black, and orange & white.

Tags are available in plastic or metal. Plastic tags are often preferred for use as pool ID tags and bather's tags due to their being completely impervious to water. Plastic tags are made in attractive colors of green, red, white or black. These plastic tags are 1/10" thick, and are available as 1 1/8" squares or octagons. Information may be stamped on one or both sides of the plastic tags, which have holes for easy and secure linkage to our wrist bands.

Metal tags for our wrist bands are made from the finest aluminum or brass. These metal tags can be lettered or numbered with clear stamp indented characters. The stamping can be enamel filled with a contrasting color for maximum legibility.

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