For over a century, Keyes-Davis has been in the business of supplying a comprehensive range of markers to thousands of customers throughout North America. Our dependable and flexible markers provide a quick, secure way of putting identification, instructional and/or warning information right where it belongs, and right where it will stay.

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Our standard products include band markers, survey markers, wrap-around markers, pipe and conduit markers, circuit markers, tongue and slot markers and double tongue markers, including many MS and NAS specification markers. And if you require something special, talk to us about custom markers designed and sized precisely for your application.

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Double Tongue Markers

Metal double tongue markers can be used for such applications as coding for identification purposes (e.g. pipe and conduit markers), preserving and linking crucial instructions (e.g. circuit markers), permanently attaching warnings, or banding, grouping and tying sets of like items (e.g. band markers).

Keyes-Davis metal double tongue markers will last for years under normal usage. Our double tongue markers are most commonly made from soft aluminum (.012 and .020 thickness) for its lightness and corrosion resistance, but other materials may be used per your specifications, including stainless steel, zinc, brass, lead or colored aluminum. Markers can be finished if desired via anodizing, painting, or irridite coating.

We can manufacture double tongue markers to the following mil specs:

  • MS 39020
  • MIL B 43436

Dependable Keyes-Davis double tongue markers have proved invaluable to our customers in the aerospace, defense and utility industries, as well as manufacturers of cables, motors, panel boards, and controls.

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Double Tongue Markers

Tongue and Slot Markers

Keyes-Davis can supply and manufacture a huge range of other tongue, slot markers and wrap around markers. We can modify our standard designs or custom manufacture a marker for your application.

The following are additional mil specs to which reliable Keyes-Davis markers can be manufactured:

  • MS 39020
  • MIL B 43436
  • NAS 1411

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Tongue and Slot Markers

Dependable Keyes-Davis survey markers come in a variety of styles. The text on the survey marker is stamped and deeply indented into the head -- which may be flat or dished -- and is designed to be legible for years. The standard diameters of our survey marker heads are 2 3/8", 3" and 3 5/8". The standard material is brass (1/8" thick) but another material may be used per your requirements. Stem styles for our survey markers include flattened end, open end, flattened two ways, and flattened end with cross bar. These stems are securely welded to the bottom center of the chosen head. The stem is perpendicular to lower edge of head.
Keyes-Davis survey markers are ideal for many applications, and are commonly used to create bench marks, to mark traverse points, as right of way signs, to indicate gravity stations, to delineate elevations and to mark sewer laterals.

Survey Markers