Keyes-Davis has been supplying North America with plates for over a hundred years. Whether your need is for license plates, name plates, serial number plates, mil spec nameplates, pole tags, or another type of sign, we at Keyes-Davis can meet your requirements. Our plates can be custom embossed, screen printed, etched, or stamped (your lettering and decorations can also incorporate any combination of these methods). Thousands of New York City taxicabs hit the streets every day sporting the identifying medallions manufactured in our facility; that's a tangible vote of confidence in the accuracy, durability and good value that our products provide. We can handle all production and design starting from your sketch or art work. Comprehensive graphics services are available.

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Plate Materials

Plate materials can include aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, tin plate, plastic and others. We recommend aluminum (.020", .025" .032" or custom thickness), with a baked enamel background color, for most name plates and serial number plates, due to aluminum's superior corrosion resistance and light weight for greater ease of shipping and storage. We are happy, however, to use the material that suits your special application, or to recommend a plate type for your specific situation.

If your name plates, serial number plates or license plates require a special finish, we will be glad to provide it to your specifications.

Plate Mounting

Mounting methods for the plates we manufacture can comprise of holes, slots or adhesives, depending on the particular needs of your project.

Mil Spec Nameplates

Keyes-Davis manufactures mil spec nameplates conforming to MS 27253, MIL 19834 and MILP514 standards. Ask about other government specifications to which our products can conform.


Numbering and lettering for your name plates, serial number plates or license plates can be achieved via screen printing, etching, embossing, stamping or through a combination of methods as appropriate to your application. Commonly, a contrasting color is printed on the raised or embossed areas of your plate. Standard background colors for our license plates include red, blue, white, green, black, yellow, orange, gold and purple. In these cases any contrasting color may then be used for borders, lettering and numbers. Custom colors are also available.

Standard type sizes are available and custom designs are available on request. Special insignia, designs or unusual type sizes can also be accommodated -- just ask us for a quote on a specially engraved stamp for your project.

Pole Tags

Pole tags are essentially a type of plate designed to be mounted on poles. Our pole tags provide a reliable way of specifying ownership, indicating utility station numbers and preserving other crucial information in embossed aluminum lettering that won't be washed away.

Ordering plates

When ordering name plates, serial number plates, license plates and others please specify:

  • Quantity
  • Shape
  • Hole or Slot Pattern
  • Background Color
  • Text
  • Numbering Sequence
  • Material

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