Keyes-Davis has been supplying North America with plates for over a hundred years. Whether your need is for license plates, name plates, serial number plates, mil spec nameplates, pole tags, or another type of sign, we at Keyes-Davis can meet your requirements. Our plates can be custom embossed, screen printed, etched, or stamped (your lettering and decorations can also incorporate any combination of these methods). Thousands of New York City taxicabs hit the streets every day sporting the identifying medallions manufactured in our facility; that's a tangible vote of confidence in the accuracy, durability and good value that our products provide. We can handle all production and design starting from your sketch or art work. Comprehensive graphics services are available.


Supplying tags of all kinds for over a hundred years, we at Keyes-Davis are experienced in meeting the enormous range of requirements of our thousands of customers. We are equipped to manufacture tags in a virtually limitless variety of shapes and sizes for countless applications. Click here to visit our catalog of large tags and small tags, including dog tags, general pet tags, bathers' or pool ID tags, laundry tags and laundry pins, mil spec tags and many varied kinds of identification tags and inventory tags. Click here to go directly to our catalog of GI Dog Tags.


For over a century, Keyes-Davis has been in the business of supplying a comprehensive range of markers to thousands of customers throughout North America. Our dependable and flexible markers provide a quick, secure way of putting identification, instructional and/or warning information right where it belongs, and right where it will stay.

Our standard products include band markers, survey markers, wrap-around markers, pipe and conduit markers, circuit markers, tongue and slot markers and double tongue markers, including many MS and NAS specification markers. And if you require something special, talk to us about custom markers designed and sized precisely for your application.



Keyes-Davis Wrist Bands and Tags are a great tool for pools, beaches, checkrooms, playgrounds, country clubs, gymnasiums, all recreational areas. Our Wrist Bands are made of excellent quality elastic with all brass hardware. Choose from many popular colors. Shown here are orange, green, white, black, red and green & white. We also have black & white, blue & white, red & white, orange & black, and orange & white.

Any standard style checking tag can be here

Plastic checking tags are 1/10" thick, 1 1/8" square or octagon. They are unaffected by water. Colors available are green, red, white or black. Furnished with holes for for attachi... Read More

Survey Markers

For use as Survey Markers, Bench Marks, Traverse Marks, Reference Points, State Survey Marks, Right of Way Markers, Gravity Stations, Elevations, Marking Sewer Laterals and others. Stems are securely welded to bottom center of head with stem perpendicular to lower edge of head.

GI Dog Tags

Keyes-Davis G.I. Dog Tags are made to government specifications from stainless steel, with rolled edges. They can be stamped to your specifications. We can have a special stamp made to represent your logo or favorite art work. If you want just letters and numbers we can do that too. We carry 24" neck chains and 4.5" toe chains and black silencers. Call or fax your request for more information.